Aloe Vera Anti Aging Night & Day


Aloe Vera Anti Aging Night & Day

Your favourite! Highly efficient care cream for face and décolleté, especially for demanding skin. The finest natural ingredient (over 60 %) are deeply absorbed into the skin and help to freshen up the complexion. 

Valuable moisture is supplied, wrinkle formation is prevented and existing wrinkles are minimised. Extremely well tolerated thanks to the complete absence of artificial colours, fragrances and flavours, therefore also perfectly suitable for the area around the eyes.

Only the best natural ingredients

With hyaluronic acid, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, frankincense, cocoa butter, shea butter, witch hazel and bergamot.

 Production & Sales

La Finca de Aloe Vera
Levin Bäumer
Leipartstrasse 22
81369 München

Design & Marketing

Markus Kastenhuber
Thomas Reich
35660 Corralejo

Canary Islands

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